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玩家:Death coil being 40 RP is a bit concerning, but seeing as it's been changed it's likely it has been tested thoroughly.


暴雪:We increased Death Coil's cost during Legion because the spec had an overflow of resources. We'll adjust Death Coil's cost to what feels right for overall Rune/Runic Power income in BfA.


玩家:Festering wound cap being reduced is ... interesting, but important to note that Festering Strike now only gives 2 wounds (seemingly)


暴雪:Festering Strike applies 2-3 wounds now, down from 2-4. Felt it was important to allow you to at least cast 2 consecutive Festering Strikes initially without fear of overcapping wounds. Max of 8 was kind of a lot, and I think only felt necessary because of Castigator, which added an amount and form of randomness to wound application/consumption that we didn't feel was overall more fun for the spec, which is why the talent is gone right now.


玩家:The epidemic change (using RP) is wonderful! Definitely makes this competitive


暴雪:Giving Unholy a way to deal convert Runic Power into AOE damage, especially outside of Death and Decay windows was the goal here. This change to Epidemic hopefully flows better: DnD -> Scourge Strikes -> Lots of Runic Power -> DnD ends -> Epidemic.

这是给邪DK将符文能量转换为AOE伤害的方式,尤其是能位于枯萎凋零附近的目标。我们希望这一改动对传染能更流畅的使用:枯萎凋零 - >天灾打击 - >大量的符文能量 - > 枯萎凋零结束 - >传染。

玩家:Corpse explosion is meh, could be okay if we end up producing a lot of ghouls/it's damage gets increased


暴雪:We thought the fantasy of Unholy being about summoning lots of disposable pets/ghouls was worth trying with this talent. The main worry with Corpse Explosion is that it'll be too dependent on Apocalypse (1.5 min CD) and Army of the Dead (8 min CD), so it's kind of not available often enough, and also might have to be too bursty. Separately tracking and timing your ghoul durations to line up with times when you need the AOE damage might be tough. Gonna keep an eye on this talent and see how it goes.


玩家:Bit sad Valkyr is going, but not surprised since it aesthetically didn't fit the theme of Unholy.


暴雪:We were pretty split internally on Gargoyle vs. Val'kyr. Gargoyle is kind of more classic WoW Death Knight from Naxxramas and Val'kyr is the slightly newer WotLK Arthas Death Knight. We thought Gargoyle fit Death Knight as a playable class, a bit more.